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STANHEX, the industrial product line of Standard Radiators Pvt. Ltd., offers customised cooling solutions that integrate robust aluminium bar & plate technologies and other system peripherals to cater to performance-critical industries such as Renewable Energy, Locomotive, Hydraulics and Pneumatics amongst many others. And over the last decade, with specialised teams to cater to increasing demand, it has truly become a formidable brand to reckon with.

At STANHEX, we go the extra mile to support the cooling needs of our clients by partnering with them from project inception to serial production. Since cooling needs are unique, a 'one size fits all' solution does not work. That's why we strive to offer industry-leading customization and flexibility with quick turn-around times.

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Designs that Inspire

Our coolers and components of cooling assemblies intuitively integrate not only with each other but also with our clients’ systems. The seamlessness of this process comes from the conscientious measures put in place, keeping in mind the end application and probable variations in new environments; an understanding gained from engaging in collaborative development of the customised product with our clients. We call this Integration Engineering.

Our Proprietary Thermal Software provides us with accurate and reliable thermal calculations, which are further supported by a rich database of performance results of actual wind-tunnel tests. While the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is conducted using an in-house simulation technique to help make intelligent adjustments in our products so that their efficiency is never undermined when they become part of a larger system.

Once the prototype is ready, it undergoes rigorous type-testing at our in-house test facility as well as certified partner labs. You can see the number of tests conducted here.

Built to be better

With STANHEX, our clients, stakeholders and employees are assured a world that puts safety, quality and accountability in the centre of all that we do. Our quality certificates represent the sheer dedication of our organisation to not only be the best but also be a leading example in the global effort to create a better and cleaner tomorrow.

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:2007

Balance at Work

STANHEX has been instrumental in building innovative and sustainable cooling solutions for a variety of fast-growing industries by working towards perfect balance in all aspects of design and engineering. Yet, achieving this state of balance requires continuous effort and an unceasing dedication.

That’s why at STANHEX, our work doesn’t simply comprise of providing a cooler or cooling assembly. Here, we engineer ‘thinking’ solutions, which relentlessly adapt to a changing environment, anticipate obstacles, and strengthen connections around themselves. For us balance is always ‘at work’. Whether in the design of our windmill cooling systems contributing to a cleaner future, or amongst our teams collaborating on a cutting-edge project– we never stop working toward more sustainable, balanced and smarter eco-systems.

About us

STANHEX is the industrial product line of Standard Radiators Pvt. Ltd, a leading manufacturer and supplier of heat exchangers since 1962. In 2000, SRPL became the first Indian company to braze bar & plate heat exchangers, laying the foundation for a new generation product-line that we now know as STANHEX.

STANHEX provides customized cooling solutions for a number of performance-critical industries. These range from catalogue products to fully customized cooling systems as per the client’s specifications. Having consistently and successfully worked with highly-rated global companies in the Locomotive, Renewable Energy, Hydraulics and Pneumatics industries, today STANHEX supplies to more than hundred companies worldwide.

  • Renewable Energy

    Partnerships Built on Knowledge For years, STANHEX has engineered coolers and innovative cooling solutions for globally-reputed wind turbine and solar power companies. A key reason for these long-standing relationships is that we work with our clients from conception to serial production ensuring reliable and efficient product integration every single time.

    Superior Coordination Our work with wind turbine manufacturers as well as system integrators requires regular support and updation. That’s why, our product team is well versed with and prepared for each new design change and platform modification.

    Focus on Quality We endlessly deploy programs to bolster our quality systems, not only at STANHEX, but across our entire supply chain.

  • Locomotive - Diesel

    Foremost Player We are proud to be one of the foremost players to be involved with the indigenisation of the diesel locomotive cooling systems in India. And with decades of intensive research and constant innovation backing us, we have also emerged as one of the leading suppliers to reputed global locomotive companies.

    Reliable & Robust Whether our cooling system is part of the formidable engines in freight haulage, shunting or even regular passenger locomotives, we make certain that its proven reliability and robustness guarantee its long-term endurance capabilities.

    Adapting to Changing Technology Even though diesel locomotives have been around for years, there continue to be advances in industrial technology. STANHEX thus provides cooling solutions not only aligned to more traditional product configurations that require copper-brass construction but also various types of aluminium and other specific constructions.

  • Locomotive- Electric

    Approved by the Best in the Business We are associated with all of the largest electric locomotive manufacturers for years now and have a thorough understanding of the rigorous type testing and validation procedures that are imperative in the successful running of engines.

    Long Service Life Due to our mastery over brazing and other key manufacturing processes we’ve ensured a long service life for our cooling systems. In fact, we’ve benchmarked these processes to the highest international standards, by achieving the coveted EN15085-2 certificate for Welding & Brazing.

    Superior Integration For our products, integration is essential. Thus to make it seamless, we provide a number of support structures to our clients that include mounting brackets, sheet metal structures and other key components.

    Looking Ahead - Hybrids Industries continue to evolve and at STANHEX we are well aware of their changing needs. So even if the future of hybrid locomotives becomes an immediate reality, our updated products will continue to find application in them.

  • Industrial

    End-to-End Solutions When it comes to supplying to industries, we have developed a catalogue range of stand-alone high-calibre oil and compressor coolers as well as fully customised systems as per the client’s specifications. This makes STANHEX a one-stop shop for a varied range of cooling requirements.

    Unmatched Customisation STANHEX is fully aware of the wide-ranging needs of EPC contractors and therefore provides an unmatched level of customisation in the industry. One can easily order fully customised systems with integrated circulation pumps, valves, filters and other appropriate accessories.

    Minimum Down Time Some industries have to deal with high levels of dust and debris on a daily basis. To safeguard against these conditions, we offer a variety of non-clogging fins in our coolers thus assuring our clients of minimum down time.

    Engineered Efficiency By engineering essential cold-dry compressed air, our coolers can even operate in tropical humid conditions that typically hamper efficiencies.

  • Specialty Brazing

    Aluminum brazing has always been at the heart of STANHEX processes. With top-of-the-line equipment and vast experience of qualified brazing personnel we have mastered the art of Controlled Atmospheric and Vacuum Brazing. Because of this, we are constantly undertaking dedicated and highly customized projects for our clients. Contact us to see how our growing brand can contribute to yours.

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